About HRDI

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) has been established to position itself as a center for promoting excellence in Education, Learning&Development and Research. Its vision is to improve quality in education at all levels in Bangladesh and to convert people to human resources for global market.This institute is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which is the regulatory authority for all universities in Bangladesh.

The mission of Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) is to partner with industry, academia and learners for building the capacity to support individual learner’s efforts to reach their own potential.

HRDI develops methodologies and delivers courses to teachers, students and job seekers aiming at bringing quality in class room education and at the same time helping the students succeed beyond the classroom.

The need for highly skilled professionals is going up each day. The initiative of academia-industry collaboration is the key to prepare the students for the corporate world outside and help them sustain in this highly competitive world. When it comes to the demand of professionals in the market, one with the industry knowledge is at an edge as compared to others. As such the urgent need of making the students employable or in other terms industry ready has compelled the educational institutions making an industry interface.

HRDI partners with local and international institutions to understand the trends and challenges in the dynamic business world and works together with them to prepare the students of Bangladesh to have a holistic blend of hard and soft skills. The aim is to make our students “Industry Ready” both for local and overseas job markets and also to help the industries to find the “Right and Ready” workforce.