Message from Director

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) has been established in 2012 to position itself as a center for promoting excellence in education, learning, research and development. This institute is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), the regulatory authority for all universities in Bangladesh. It is empowered to offer various courses on any discipline related to human resource development. It can offer undergrad and graduate programs subject to the approval of UGC.

The mission of HRDI is to partner with industry, academia and learners for building the capacity to support individual learner’s efforts to reach their own potential. It develops methodologies and delivers courses for the teachers, students and job seekers aiming at bringing quality in classroom education, competitive job market, and at the same time helping the students succeed beyond the country. It is contributing to the development of employability and soft skills among the teachers and students. It provides professional training, session, and workshop to encourage the teachers, professionals and job seekers.

I believe, HRDI ensures professional development opportunities that promote organizational and individual advancement.

Ms. Rahima K Mirza Rosemary
In Charge of HRDI
Human Resource Development Institute