Vision & Mission

Its vision is to improve quality in education at all levels in Bangladesh and to develop human resources for global market.


  • To partner with faculty, staff and students to build Daffodil International University’s capacity to accomplish its purpose according to its guiding principles and, in doing so, to support individuals’ efforts to reach their own potential. HRDI goals are to supplement the work of DIU in the following areas:
    # To design, develop and implement a faculty development plan so that the teachers can provide quality education in the classroom and outside
    # To design, develop and implement support courses that supplement subject skills and help students learn and perform better.
    # To arrange networking with industry as well as arrange project work together with internships.
    # To facilitate research and research partnership with both local and foreign universities.
  • To partner with local and international institutions and industry leaders to understand the trends and challenges in the dynamic business world and works together with them to prepare the students of Bangladesh to have a holistic blend of hard and soft skills.
  • To contribute to the development of employability and soft skills among the teachers, students and professionals.
  • To organize conferences/ workshops/ HR carnivals/ Masterclass/ Bootcamp/ Seminar/ Keynote presentation, etc. to create opportunities for the students, alumni and job seekers to meet industry leaders and know their experiences.