The need for highly skilled professionals is going up each day. The initiative of academia-industry collaboration is the idea of educational institutions to prepare their students for the corporate world outside and help them sustain in this highly competitive world. That requires a systemic approach to address the existing skills gap that is been echoed from various quarters, particularly from the industry which has long been reeling under a talent crunch. And from experiences in many countries, the way to go forward is clearly to build strong industry academia partnerships.

In order to be at par with the rapidly changing scenarios of the job market, it is important for the student to be industry ready. And the companies also look for a candidate who has some practical knowledge about the industry, what are the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

So the industry academia partnership does not only benefit the students, but also helps the corporates to find the ‘right one’. Some of the benefits to the corporates are:

HRDI partners with local and international organization to understand the trends and challenges in the dynamic business world and works together with them aiming at mutual benefits.