Educational Institutes:

With the massively increasing demands for tertiary education and the need to prepare our students for the developing Bangladesh and the global market, educational institutions have to rethink the core mission of tertiary education i.e., bringing undergraduate students out of the rote-learning mind set and giving them the subject related learning experiences necessary for building confidence and tackling the real world problems of today. This requires a new paradigm for undergraduate education, i.e., shifting from a focus on “Teaching” to designing learning processes that engage the students in learning.

HRDI facilitates administrators to develop a vision and an action together with a monitoring plan to meet the vision for their students. With the faculty HRDI holds workshops where teachers participate to create learning environments for individual subjects.

HRDI will provide consultative work in providing assistance to teachers, faculty, curriculum supervisors, education/departmental administrators, deans, local education agencies, and educational programs / projects at the state and local levels, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of education programs/projects. Work involves assisting in the design and implementation of instructional strategies based on current instruction methodologies; developing, evaluating and advising on the use of curriculum / instructional materials; developing the measures and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the educational programs and subsequent assessment of strategy effectiveness.

"The man (or woman) who can make hard things easy is the educator"………Ralph Waldo Emerson