Participatory Engaging Technique (PET)

To assist educational institutions and undertaking new challenges, the Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI) has been working for quite some time in developing a learning method which will support the teachers to empower their students. HRDI wishes to partner with those who are interested to slowly but surely make transition to the new paradigm of Learning Experiences for their students. In the new scheme, faculty become the designers of powerful learning environments, and every employee of the institution, not just faculty, has a role to play in creating the learner-centered environment. However, the challenge is therefore to translate the curriculum topics into powerful learning situations for the students.

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) focuses on developing participatory and engaging teaching (PET) techniques that help to bring out the creativity and lifelong learning competence in Bangladeshi students.

What to expect from HRDI – a FREE 3 hour Workshop

To acquaint the Principal and Teachers with the PET methodology, the school is invited to attend a three-hour interactory workshop at a location preferred by the principal, i.e., at the school location or at the premises of HRDI. An external location would allow the participants an outing and concentrate. Participants at this workshop will have the chance to explore innovative ways to engage students in the learning process.

After attending the introductory workshop, the teachers can attend either a Six-day Certification Course at a fee or complete the whole course online free of charges.

Six-day Certification Course – The PET Certificate Course is a 42 hours of direct teaching and 1-days practicum at the institute of choice.

  • Attributes of a model teacher
  • Understanding the background of students and how they learn – how to force participation, engagement & creativity.
  • Classroom teaching techniques
  • Effective use of technology for supporting learning
  • Employing a feedback system to monitor and support learning
  • Parts of a lesson and class
  • Course planning
  • Design of assessments, tests and quizzes
  • Design of projects and laboratory use
  • Preparation of self-evaluation and collaboration tools for self-development
  • Practicum: A teaching session at an institution of your choice, preparation, reflection and write-up in Internet.
  • Sharing of teaching experiences and feedback


Watch Online Tutorials : After attending the introductory class, the teachers may also go through the Online Tutorials to complete the certification. The course consists of 07 Tutorials based on 3 Modules. Each tutorial has two parts: i) Identify problems or needs; ii) Recommending solutions.

Prepare a Teaching Session: After completion of all 07 tutorials, the teachers will require to do a practical teaching session at the school under supervision of the Principal and submit a report. HRDI will provide all possible guidance to the teachers.

Complete Certification: We strongly encourage the teachers to complete the Certification process to make their learning authentic. To be certified on PET, the teachers will require to sit for an examination and appear for a face-to-face interview paying a registration fee in order to be accredited.

Course Type Professional Training and Development
Study Mode Face-To-Face/Online
Durantion 1 Day/6 Days
Audience Teachers, Teacher trainers, Head teachers

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